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Here you can find basic information about the Ski Dubai facility located at the Mall of the Emirates!

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Here you can find basic information about the Ski Dubai facility located at the Mall of the Emirates!

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Yes, there will be snow in Dubai this winter. As a matter of fact, there will be snow in Dubai this summer as well. The largest, tallest and meanest man made ski mountain opened it’s doors at the Mall of the Emirates (MOE – this mall sports yet another record – it’s the biggest mall outside the continental USA): Enter the DUBAI SKI SUNNY MOUNTAIN.

This extraordinary architectural feat will exceed ninety meters (around a hundred yards) in height and will be approximately tall as a twenty storey skyscraper. It’s immense size is already a notable structure in Dubai’s skyline and it’s almost impossible to overlook this monument to skiing and sportsmanship. In addition, the structure will exceed four hundred meters (approximately 500 yards) in length (measured from start to finish) and will be located on a surface area that will be larger than three baseball stadiums. Our estimates are that Dubai Ski Structure will be eighty meters wide and that at least a thousand skiers will be able to enjoy in this Dubai Ski marvel.

In addition to fine man-made snow that can be found on the Dubai slopes (the slopes feature various levels of steepness and complexity – therefore you’d be able to see black diamond bar runs as well as mellow beginner slopes) – the skiers will feel like in a natural skiing ambient as they will be able to use ski-lifts (also know as ski-chairs) with multiple seats. Should you family have offspring visiting the slopes as well – there is a nice and groomed snow-board facility (snow board park). Finally, the Dubai Ski management thought about the youngest ones – therefore there is a three thousand square meter playing area (we call it Dubai Snowland) – that features ice caves, etc.

The Dubai Ski Sunny Mountain features five-run ski slope and is in fact a section of a massive, complex, sophisticated high tech snow dome. The snow at this Dubai skiing facility is being replenished with fresh supply of white powder on a daily basis (the snow cannons shout out the white stuff every night). On average the facility produces thirty plus tones of snow – an effort worth admiration give the outside temperatures. Overall, it takes more than twenty times daily production to produce the snow needed to run this skiing facility (on average snow is three feet deep).

If compared with other facilities that sprung around world during the indoor skiing euphoria in the eighties and nineties – Dubai Ski is every sense a superior ski object. The temperature inside the ski dome will, in general, be kept on one degree below zero. If compared with other facilities around the world (average is 10 below zero at other such objects) – SkiDubai is superior as it uses less energy. Also, skiers are able to ski in less cold environment and can enjoy the skiing facility for longer time. A brand new and sophisticated network of pipes was laid under the snow surface to ensure that the snow stays fresh without affecting a major drop in facility’s temperature. However, we have to emphasize that during the night and while the ski dome is closed to the public – the engineers drop the temperature to seven below zero to prevent melting of the snow. The overall cost of this beautiful shopping mall (The Mall of the Emirates - ~200,000 square meters) exceeded one billion dollars.

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